Customized Plans for Adults and Teens

When it comes to nutrition, “one size fits all” does not apply. Of course, there are basic universal guidelines to follow, but for a nutrition plan to work, it must be tailored to your specific needs.

Abbott Home Care's approach is a healthy eating program made to order for you. Our Registered Dietitians will assist clients in the recovery of their health by facilitating proper nourishment. It takes into account your health history, lifestyle, body structure, weight, height, existing medical condition, and day-to-day routine.

Part of our health assessment will also be about determining the appropriate nutrition route that you/your loved one will be given. Abbott Home Care's registered dietitians together with you, your family, and the entire health care team will also decide on the items you need to take in as well as those you have to avoid. Our goal is to ensure that you achieve your own personal goal—which may include:
  • Weight management
  • Diabetes and pre-diabetes
  • Bone health
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Managing hypertension

  • Celiac disease
  • Optimizing energy
  • Sports performance
  • GI problems
  • Family nutrition